Saturday, January 2, 2010

Officially Started =)

03/01/10, Sunday, 1315, Afternoon

Lau Lee Ling Is Officially my Girlfriend now =)..
Love You Always <3Our Very 1st Picture =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Very Very First Relation =)

29/12/09, Tuesday, 2152, Night

A new relation going to start very very soon =)
I Love You <3 LeeLing =)

Friday, December 11, 2009


12/12/09, Saturday, 0151, Midnight

Wad such a useless guy i am. How can i expect things to chance or go on my way but not giving any action. Always tell NEVERMIND but do i realize the chances for saying NEVERMIND this words are getting less. I wish i can solve things like a man but not a Nevermind. This cures nothing. Like my friend says, Lives Like There's no Tomorrow. Do wad ever you want and u wish to. Do not losses your chances. Chances wont be given to those who sit around and do nothing a.k.a ME. EnD.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shud be happy or sad ?

05/12/09, Saturday, 1919, Night

Finally i know something that i wanted to know very long time ago, the answer i was hoping finally come true. I dun understand wad is the reason holding me back. Another Disapointment for my self.. Still, i m really glad that i know.. really really glad..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Wad's a Friend mean to me =)

02/11/09, Sunday, 02320, Night

I never expected such an apologize come from u. I never realize it until someone told me that it happen in your blog. Honestly, i guess i've already forgive you when time passes. So it is not necessary for you to apologize anyway =). Let's talk about the reason why i never go back to da gang that i used to be in. During the 2 weeks that i left the gang, i realize that i've no friend at all. No one come to find me for outings, no one concern about my feeling, Nothing at all. I guess i dun have to tell u the feeling because i think probably you're facing it right now. ExtraNote( i left da gang because of having arguement with my gang leader "Mr.R"). For me, i think that non of the group member wanted find me after da incident because that they don't wan to be thrown out from this group.( it's kinda childish to think that way but i think that's just the way it goes inside the gang ). But when time passes, some of da group member find me =). This indicates that most of them are still treat me as a friend =). And ofcourse i wanted to be with u all like last time but i think it wont be that joyful as last time. And so i decide to leave this group aka a battlefield for backstabber.

That's the short story, it's quite confusing for outsiders but i think most of my friend's noe about it. A True Friend for me is someone that really understand wad you and care about your feelings, enjoy things with you, always find u but not for some personal purpose, RESPECT YOU, and so. Again, Respect People Before People Respect You =), Do not backstab others if you don't want to be backstabbed =). Try to tell out the disatisfaction by not backstabbing other's =).

Well. my mind is getting fucked up d..i dunno wtf am i typing already. Can't really tell out wad am i wanted to tell due to English Noobness - -..

P/s: You can back stab people but make sure you have no offense. If not it wont be anymore topic for us to cui sui when we're in mamak xD!.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sorry....? Do You Truly Meant it ?

01/11/09, Sunday, 0306, MidNight

It's been 1 month that i never post anything from my previous post =(..not really in da mood for bloggin ><.Apologizing is Good to everyone but if only you truuuuly meant it.Besides, forgiving can also be a very wonderful thing to do so BUT if only the person that u're going to forgive are worth to forgive. An empty sorry cant really cure things. An effective apologizing will onli appear if only you apologize with ur heart. To Ms. Unknown. Please Read This Post =). I Am Telling You That I Totally Pissed By Your Act That Day. You Might Have a Good Brain In Studies But You Do Not Know How To Use Your Pathetic Knowledge To Deal With Human Behaviour. And The Apologize U Made Will Not Be Accepted.

P/S: Dun worry i wont do anything Nasty to u =).YOU ARE NOT WORTH ANY OF MY CONCERN!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sing K !!!

01/10/09, Thursday, 23:33, Night

Lol..went to puchong neway singK xD...!!the candidate that make it to da kBox are Kok Hingz, Chuan Joo, Kang Nian, Kae Jun, Zhe Wei, Xiao Wen and Me ^^..Again, i become a total noob among them again..donno y, sing well are just impossible for me..Even if i always do my pratice at home.Like singing in da bath room, singing while Facebook-ing = =..still, i got nothing but getting worst LOL..quite disapoint but today really enjoy screaming instead of singing inside da k box =D..

p/s: A veryyyyy good place for people to release stress ^^..